Electronic Medical Records

We provide guidance, resources, implementation and support for all major EMR/EHR software platforms. Our experts work with you to create and implement the most effective healthcare solution that will meet HIPAA / HITECH mandates and improve your patient experience without downtime and/or disruption to your health care organization.

Practice Management Software

Our many years of industry experience along with our ever evolving understanding of current and emerging technologies helps us assist you in the evaluation and implementation of existing and new practice management software solutions without disruption to your organization.

Clinical Laboratory Integration

We facilitate communication of lab data information and results from the nation’s largest laboratories to your system by integrating with the laboratories existing systems infrastructure.

Clinical Decisions Supports Systems

We proactively determine the information requirements of healthcare organizations and deliver precise, evidence-based and actionable information needed. We promise to improve patient care, creating an efficient workflow at reasonable price.

Clinical Data Integration

Our team is dedicated to providing efficient data integration and includes professionals who are extremely proficient in all formats necessary for data transfer which accommodate all of our clients’ data integration needs in a timely and methodical fashion. Specifically we are focused on providing clinical decision support systems.

Claims Processing Systems

Our team understands Health Insurance Claims Processing software, the business processes that will be affected, and the supporting technologies that are part of the client’s environment; ease of a reliable single point-of-contact for all human resource systems needed in implementing, upgrading, and supporting Health Insurance Claims enterprise solutions.

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