• Industry Solutions

    Our industry-specific solutions helps our clients to re-imagine the way they connect with customers.

Banking and Financial Solutions

With a wealth of experience partnering the world’s leading banks and financial institutions, and a comprehensive range of services, Expert Business Consulting (EBC) is the partner that gets you results: optimized investments, enhanced operational efficiencies, minimized risk and sustained cost leadership.

EBC has decades of experience building and operating mission ­critical systems for financial services clients. We can help financial services institutions like yours reduce the total cost of ownership of IT, meet rigorous regulatory and risk management standards, and quickly integrate innovative technologies such as Cloud, Big Data, and Mobile.

We’re proud to offer top­notch services that span a large spectrum of critical work. For example, we can downsize your expenditures of ownership of IT, make sure you’re in compliance with all of the regulatory and risk management standards, and rapidly incorporate modern and cutting edge technology and services, such as cloud.

Our Banking and Financial Solutions include:

  • Wealth and Asset Management
  • Retail and Business Banking
  • Core Banking Transformation
  • Investment Banking and Brokerage
  • Consumer Lending
  • Mobile and Digital Transformation

Healthcare Solutions

Expert Business Consulting enables healthcare organizations to re-imagine their business and transform their operations, to become consumer ­oriented companies and improve the quality and outcome of care.

Our seasoned healthcare solutions team also has the ability to make vital recommendations from consultants that may be the difference in projects failing or succeeding. Our staff perfectly understands the fiscal pressure you are under, to care at a reduced price, and can help you face these industry problems.

Although an amateur team may miss it, inside these obstacles also lies the potential for scalable growth that we can help extract and take advantage of. This is the reason that our services aren’t just focused on resolving business issues, but transforming your business practices entirely.

Our Healthcare Solutions and Services include:

  • Healthcare Payer Solutions
    • Healthcare Business Solutions
    • Healthcare Enterprise Solutions
  • Healthcare Provider Solutions
    • Electronic Medical Records
    • Clinical Laboratory Integration
    • Clinical Data Integration
    • Practice Management Software Solutions
    • Clinical Decisions Support Systems
    • Claims Processing Systems
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