The Pregwell Patient Portal offers you helpful tools that allow you to better manage your healthcare


Are you tired of feeling pressured to fill out a stack of forms before you are called for your appointment? Would you like a more convenient way to schedule your doctor appointments so they fit better into your busy life? Are you looking for an easier solution for managing your prescriptions and refills? If any of these apply to you, the Pregwell Patient Portal is for you.


Pregwell is an innovative patient portal solution that opens the lines of communication between the patient and their doctor. In today’s busy world we understand that it can be hard to manage all the details of your healthcare. Our tools help to make your doctor visits worry-free and easily manageable.


Appointment Scheduling

Have you ever found yourself standing at the check out in your doctor’s office and realize that you left your calendar at home? Maybe you forgot the date of your next scheduled visit or you realize that you need to change the day of your appointment. Our Pregwell scheduling tool helps you with all of these scenarios. With just a few clicks you can schedule or reschedule your appointment for a date and time that is convenient for you. Never lose track of your important office visits again!

Fill Out Your Forms Online


Pregwell makes it easy to fill out your patient forms online. By filling out the forms before your visit you can take your time to accurately provide information and details. This helps to reduce the stress of your visit and gives the doctor’s office a reliable way of getting to know you prior to your appointment. At Pregwell, we know that improperly filled out forms can create unnecessary and avoidable challenges. Filling out forms online helps to avoid these problems.


Manage Your Prescriptions

Often patients find it difficult to keep up with prescriptions and their refills. Our Pregwell prescription management tool solves this problem. This tool provides detailed information on each prescribed medication and tracks the refill dates to help you stay organized. Life is too busy to always keep up on your medications. By taking advantage of the Pregwell prescription management tool you will find it easy to share your prescription information with other health professionals as well.


Chat Live With Your Nurse


Have you ever left a check-up and hours later you realize that you forgot to ask your doctor a question? Are you not feeling and you would like to talk to someone before you make an appointment? At Pregwell, we know that questions concerning your healthcare will come up and sometimes they can’t wait for a regularly scheduled office visit. Our chat tool gives you the opportunity to ask your nurse a question and get a timely response. This helps to improve patient care and reduce your stress.


Your Privacy


You can be secure in knowing that we go above and beyond to protect your medical history and privacy. Any information that is shared through the portal with your doctor’s office is protected by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996).


Pregwell has worked to provide this convenient patient-centric portal solution to improve care and communication. Our tools are designed to give the patient more control over their healthcare which helps to alleviate stress and build confidence in their doctor and staff. The solutions that we provide are designed for ease-of-use to enhance the service that healthcare professionals can provide to their patients.

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