“There’s an app for that?” Now businesses can join that phrase with a new application made specifically to make businesses work smoother. This application allows businesses to improve efficiency and increase their profits through mobile devices. The app allows for quicker processing and real time data, which means more customer satisfaction, cost reduction, and efficiency. Expert Business Consulting, maker of mobile applications, said that “The mobility- applications make retail business organizations more responsive and competitive by accessing retail inventory levels…this increases profits and effectiveness.” Expert Business Consulting wants customers to know the app is based off of customer relationship management or CRM. CRM is a strategy in which companies try to manage interaction with customers, clients, and sales prospects. It is leading the way in mobile applications, enabling the importance of sales and centralizing resources such as a customer database as well as optimizing the process of retail through real-time data.
According to recent studies, business applications in general have increased responsiveness and improved decision making in various industries within the government sector, financial services, transportation sectors, commercial construction, manufacturing and healthcare providers. According to app users, growth of mobility is popular due to the need to be more responsive to the customers, convenience, and time saving.
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