Expert Business Consulting offers expertise in MEAN application development with experience in providing software solutions for healthcare and financial companies.

MEAN is a full-stack JavaScript application development platform and allows our developers to engage in rapid prototyping, implementation, and deployment to a wide range of environments. Major corporations have implemented a MEAN stack solution to provide better, user-focused applications. MEAN allows developers to leverage MongoDB, Express, Angular, and NodeJS to create applications for your customer base.

Underlying Technologies

MongoDB is a NoSQL database system, meaning that it is stores data in flexible, JSON-like documents that don’t impose specific schema on data. The added flexibility of MongoDB allows it to be highly available, horizontally scalable, and easy to use for queries, indexing, and geographic distribution.

Express is a fast, lightweight framework designed to work with Node.js, and provides a wide range of HTTP utility methods for developers to use when building an application. Express also provides the ability to create a robust application program interface (API) allowing extensions for an app, without strongly affecting an application’s performance.

Angular is a JavaScript framework developed by Google which offers speed and performance across all platforms, optimized for today’s JavaScript ecosystem. Angular provides the ability to use web workers and server-side rendering to ensure fast performance, scalability, and stability in your applications. Your apps can work natively on your computer and phone, and in both web and mobile web environments.

Node.js provides a strong server-side JavaScript environment that helps build highly scalable applications quickly, with fast performance for HTTP and TCP connections. Built on Google’s V8 JavaScript engine, Node.js is an event-driven, asynchronous environment that makes use of a non-blocking I/O model, and a single-threaded event loop to allow great performance across different platforms. Node.js makes it easy to develop applications using a custom structure, as well as make use of packages and extensions that enhance the possibilities of your application.

Customers interact with software in a variety of ways and because of advances in technologies, they expect a fast and reliable application that suit their needs.

EBC’s team of experienced software developers will help your organization reach its potential and meet the demands of clients around the world, with strong client relationships a high standard of service.

By specializing in MEAN stack development, EBC ensures that your applications are able to leverage the performant nature of MEAN technology, while providing a great experience for your customer base.

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