• Banking and Financial Services

    Expert Business Consulting is the partner that gets you results: optimized investments, enhanced operational efficiencies, minimized risk and sustained cost leadership.

Wealth and Asset Management

We provide IT services to private wealth management service providers and mutual fund providers.By partnering with industry leading software vendors, we provide expertise in asset management products and platforms.

Expert Business Consulting financial services team enables capital market firms to increase sales,as well as distribution, improves scalability by the development and production of cutting ­edge products, and improves the effectiveness of your business systems across the entire spectrum of technology platforms.

If you’re a wealth manager, asset manager, institutional investor ­­we have a wide breadth of comprehensive services to aid in business procedures and differentiate your business in an economy with ever changing demands.

Retail and Business Banking

Our retail and business banking consultants provide consulting, technology and business process sourcing services in implementing strategies aimed at serving consumer households and businesses. With most obstacles to overcome, there’s always an opportunity to take advantage of to change the way banks connect and interact with customers.

Expert Business Consulting ’s banking consultants have the experience and know how to greatly increase innovation on your products and services­­ from planning all the way to it’s implementation and execution.

Core Banking Transformation

Core banking services include program management, local development, requirement gathering and gap analysis, integration, configuration, multi-­country roll outs, migration, upgrades, quality assurance, knowledge management and end user training. These services span operations, maintenance, implementation of updates and coordination with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

To successfully transform a bank’s core requires two entities ­­the appropriate IT and bank personnel, as well as, seasoned veterans who have years of experience in these matters to make sure the transformation goes smoothly and without risk. We have the veteran personnel, with years of experience, as well as the appropriate cutting edge software, to make sure the risk assessment is accurate and personalized to each individual client’s needs.

At Expert Business Consulting, we firmly understand the challenges and problems associated with a core banking transformation. It needs the firm comprehension of bold decision ­makers, the strict regimentation of programs, and business discipline to achieve sustainability after implementation. We ensure your transformation goes off without a hitch.

Investment Banking and Brokerage

Our domain and technical experts help you find unique ways to succeed in investment banking environment. We offer frameworks and solutions that can be customized and scaled to your needs.

At Expert Business Consulting, we have a plethora of frameworks and solutions that can be personalized to your specific needs:

  • Order audit trail and reporting framework
  • Predictive trade life cycle management
  • PROBE – Test harness of order management systems
  • Quote management solution framework
  • Trade migration and reconciliation framework

Consumer Lending

Our consumer lending consulting and frameworks offers a wide range of consumer lending practices. We address your business and IT needs by reducing the cost and risk of acquiring good customers.

The key to overcoming mortgage and personal lending industry’s ever­ increasing burdens is to become adaptable and have the problem ­solving abilities to overcome whatever’s thrown at you. The way the industry is in today, if harnessed correctly, it actually contains an abundant amount of opportunities to position yourself in viable, sustainable, and successful markets for the now and the future.

Expert Business Consulting’s consumer lending experts can help you take on these challenges intelligently and directly. We seek to help you achieve short, as well as long term success.

Mobile and Digital Transformation

We support our client during sales transformation by offering design and implementation of digital marketing initiatives, customer journey mapping and optimization, design services for multi-­product online and cross channel sales platforms as well as tablet based customer acquisition tools.

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